Who am I?

I’m a games designer with a background in copywriting.

I’m currently studying games and interactivity at Swinburne University and can be often found lurking around IGDA events. My interests lie in concept, narrative and level design and I’m working on a bunch of projects that I’ll try to keep updated on the games page.

A copywriter from way back, I’ve written web content, print stuff, reviews, annual reports, blogs, production scripts, program guides, long form journalism, pithy sales scripts, advertising spiels, SEO-focused slop and just about everything else imaginable. I’ve also written and directed a few little film and TV projects.

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of technical writing but that’s a strange distinction to make. I’ve always thought of writing as a technical sport.

I also like to take photos.

Below are just some of my writing clients I’ve been happy to work with over my many years in the business.

If you think you need some help getting your words out, feel free to contact me.