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Using diamond sensors to help treat cancer sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but for Physicist Dr David Hoxley, his own personal battle with the disease prompted an exploration of possibilities out of the ordinary. He is now searching for a medical team to help develop his revolutionary idea.

Diamonds on the Inside is a short documentary directed by Stephen Scoglio and Jasmine Funnell, which became one of 20 Finalists in the 2012 FOCUS FORWARD – Short Films, Big Ideas filmmaker competition, beating out 100 Semifinalists from 69 countries.
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Step by Step is a feature documentary written by Stephen Scoglio that peers into the fascinating world of young Sudanese in Melbourne. A-MCs, a group of Sudanese school-age boys based in Dandenong who write and perform hip hop music, and Jungle City Massive, a group of young Sudanese school-age girls based in Melbourne’s west who learn and perform hip hop dance and music.

Things To Do Instead of Smoking was written, edited, directed and produced single-handedly by me, I also starred in the short film.

Created as an entry into a state-wide competition ‘Victorian Universities Tobacco Free Film Competition’Things To Do Instead of Smoking won 2nd place, out of a group of 16 finalists.

Creativa_logoCreativa are a video production company that produce engaging and dynamic corporate videos and animations. As an in-house scriptwriter I worked closely with clients, animators and producers to create innovative scripts for some of Australia’s largest and well-known companies.

Mike and Steve present Morningshines, an insane comedy skit show in the guise of a morning show that screens exclusively at night.

Written and produced by Stephen Scoglio and Michael De Robbio, the program aired Friday nights on Channel 31 during 2010.

As lead scriptwriter and senior editor for many years at Australia’s largest education and corporate video producer, Video Education Australasia, I wrote over 50 educational programs on a wide-range of topics. These videos are still watched and enjoyed today by thousands around the world.