Below is a brief overview of some of my current and past projects.

Download a PDF version here.

LVL² – Level Squared

Winner of Best Student Game award at the Games Awards 2017.

In puzzle platformer LVL² (Level Squared), you need to think inside the box.

Jump around with your electric square heart, project other squares and manipulate reality to solve puzzles.

LVL² is a final-year capstone project for Swinburne University’s Bachelor of Games and Interactivity in 2017.

LVL2 screen shot

Play the LVL² demo at

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Stephen Scoglio Design Lead
Kip Brennan Production Lead
Dane Perry Svendsen Programming Lead
Tegan Nicholson Marketing
Matthew Harvey Programming
Benedict Zeng Programming
Genevieve Rathgeber Animation
Mark Tan He Jie Environmental Art


DooVeeDoo Gameplay

DooVeeDoo Gameplay (Click to Watch)

Have you ever been so bored that you watched the DVD logo bounce around the screen and waited for it to perfectly hit a corner?

Me neither, but DooVeeDoo now lets you control the action!

Combining Breakout-style gameplay with this early 2000′s boredom-busting pastime, DooVeeDoo is a fun little personal project I created in my spare time, just for laughs.

Stephen Scoglio Concept, Programming & Design

Light My Way

Light My Way Logo

Light My Way Logo

Light My Way is a videogame prototype developed as part of assessment for Swinburne University’s Digital Game Prototyping Lab.

Light My Way is a 2D platformer, set in an ambient underground world. Players will control light and dark to solve puzzles and guide a young sapling to the surface. Using the soft glow of a firefly, players light the path for the seedling, overcoming obstacles and avoiding danger from hostile enemies and perilous environments.

Light My Way featured as part of the 2016 Swinburne Student Showcase and will be available to play online soon.

Light My Way Screenshot

Light My Way Screenshot

Stephen Scoglio Concept, Level & Audio Design
Kip Brennan Programming & Production
Genevieve Rathgeber Artist
Monica Li Level Design

Play Light My Way at


Interdimensional Lindy Hopping with Monkey Sartre

Monkey Sartre screenshot

Monkey Sartre screenshot

Monkey Sartre is a short narrative space adventure produced in Twine as part of assessment for Swinburne University’s Writing for Interactive Narratives.

You play as the captain of the spaceship Theseus shortly after the destruction of planet Earth, your righthand man is a depressive monkey with the mind of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Choose your path as together you traverse dimensions in search of a new home.

Play Monkey Sartre online.

Stephen Scoglio Game Design, Production & Narrative


Final Product

Final Product

Wing-It is a board game designed as part of an assessment for Swinburne University’s Principles of Game Design unit and presented at PAX AUS 2015.

2-4 players collect and trade pieces of a plane in an attempt to be the first to complete their vessel, race to the centre of the board, claim the engine and escape the island. This bird-themed adventure is a family experience, with players utilising a mix of strategy and chance to thwart their opponents and become the first to collect all parts needed to finish the game.

Wing-It at Swinburne University Open Day 2014

Wing-It at Swinburne University Open Day 2014

Stephen Scoglio Game Design & Narrative
Cassandra Downs Game & Graphic Design
Claire Rochelmeyer Development
Dayaan Nazar Development





Wing-It Shell Shock

Shell Shock splash screen

Shell Shock splash screen

Wing-It Shell Shock is videogame concept designed as part of an assessment for Principles of Game Design.

Wing-It was a game all about family fun, cooperation and competitiveness taking place in a world where birds ruled the roost and you don’t need wings to fly.

Wing-It created a bright, colourful and deceptively devious world with fleshed out characters and a lot of possibility. In moving the game to a digital space we want to not only expand the Wing-It universe and bring it to life but to also make it a social space where friends can gather to compete against one another through co-op play.

Concepts & Character Art

Concepts & Character Art

Stephen Scoglio Game Design & Narrative
Cassandra Downs Game & Graphic Design





Will Never Died

Will Never Died

Will Never Died

Will Never Died was an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) created and run by Swinburne Games and Interactivity Students in Semester 1 2016.

The game ran over four weeks and included four live events, three websites, 15 active social media accounts, one burner phone and more than 100 players.

The game concluded on 31 May 2016.